Eskom Learnership Programmes 2016 – 2017

Eskom offers school-leavers and unemployed individuals from different communities various Eskom Learnership opportunities annually. These learnerships form part of the government’s National Skills Development Strategy to create skills and ease poverty and unemployment. It is also part of Eskom’s human resource development (HRD) strategy to enhance the quality of training, education and development amongst South Africa’s youth.

Eskom achieves this via various academic and skills development programmes, including learnerships. The majority of these programmes target beneficiaries from previously disadvantaged communities. Eskom’s target is to maintain the learner baseline at 12% of the personnel complement.

To this end, Eskom provides opportunities for 2 350 unemployed youth on its various learnership programmes per year. These programmes include Electrical, Mechanical, Welding, Control and Instrumentation, Fitting & Turning, Heat Pumps, and Administrative training.

The learnerships consists of both theoretical and practical training in the various jobs, and will give you the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the knowledge, acceptable workplace behaviour and attitude that is required in the workplace.

Tertiary students voted Eskom South Africa as the best Engineering & Technology company to work for.

Eskom generally offers various learnerships under the banner of Eskom FET Learners/Learnerships (including Learner Plant Operators), for which the following general rules apply:

Eskom Learnership Requirements

There are certain requirements for being accepted into these learnerships:

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must be in possession of:
    •  A Standard 10/Grade 12 Certificate with:
      • English symbol E or level 3 and above
      • Mathematics symbol E or level 3 and above
      • Science symbol E or level 3 and above


  • N3/NCV level 4 Engineering subjects with:
      •  English symbol E or level 3 and above
      • Mathematics symbol E or level 3 and above
      • Science symbol E or level 3 and above

Selection Tools

The following selection tools will be used in selecting suitable applicants for the learnerships:

  • Background checks/integrity assessments
  • Curiosity Test
  • Interview
  • Lego
  • Medical Assessments
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Psychometric assessments (optional)

Only applicants who meet all the above requirements will be taken into consideration for further selection. The annual intake of learners depends on the number of learnership opportunities that are available in each financial year.

Receipt of your online application will be acknowledged. If you have not received notification to come in for an interview within 30 days after applications for the learnership have closed, it means that your application was not successful.

The Eskom Artisan Bricklaying Learnership

This is outcomes-based learning, and the learnership is based on a legally binding contract between the learner, the employer, and the service provider.

This specific Learnership Programme is for a period of four (4) years.

Eskom Learnership Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for the Artisan Bricklayer learnership are:

  • Qualification(s):
    • Grade 12 (Technical / Academic) with Mathematics and Science
    • Grade 10 (Technical / Academic) with N2 including Mathematics, Science, Trade Theory and Drawings
  • Desired Qualifications:
    • Grade 10 or higher (Technical / Academic) N2 including Mathematics, Science, Trade Theory and Drawings
    • Relevant NCV 4 qualification with Grade 10 or higher including Mathematics and Science

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities that will be required of you in this position include the following:

  • You must have the ability to perform physical work
  • You must be able to understand technical concepts
  • You need to be conscientious and self-disciplined
  • You must possess emotional resilience
  • You need a high level of drive and motivation
  • You are required to have a high level of technical learning ability
  • You must be responsible and committed
  • It is very important that you  are very safety conscious
  • You must be a team player

Please not that the appointment of a candidate is at the sole discretion of Eskom. Various factors that Eskom considers to be relevant may be taken in to consideration when making such decisions, including but not limited to Eskom’s employment equity policy. Eskom supports a smoke-free environment.

If you have not been contacted within 28 days of the closing date of this learnership, it means that your application was unsuccessful.

The Eskom Learnership contract is a legally binding contract and any irregularity or violation of the terms of the agreement will be dealt with in accordance with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

Eskom Learnership Application Process

In order to apply for the Learnership, you must complete an application form in your own handwriting.

  • You can get the “Application for Admission to a Learnership” form from the Eskom website. A direct link to download it will be included in all advertisements for Eskom learnerships.
  • The Eskom website is
    • Once you get onto the website, look on the top for the link that says “Learnerships” and follow the instructions to download the necessary information and the application form
  • When applying for the learnership, make sure that you specify the learnership post that you are applying for (e.g. Eskom Learners Artisan Elec. Heavy Current)
  • Make sure to sign the application form yourself
  • Attach certified copies of your certificates and Identity Document (these copies must have been certified within the last 3 months – you can get this done at any Police Station)

Please Note:

  • Application forms that are late or unsigned will not be accepted
  • Photocopied forms will not be accepted
  • Faxed or e-mailed forms will not be accepted

Completed application forms with all necessary attached documents must be submitted as per instructions on the particular learnership information or application form.

Eskom Learnership Information                          

Applications for this learnership will open later in the year, normally around November or December. You can keep checking whether the learnership is open for applications yet by checking the Vacancies page on the Eskom website which you will find by clicking on this link or on the Eskom Youth Programmes link.

Read through the different links given for the various learnerships until you find the one in which you are interested and follow the instructions for downloading an application form.

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  1. onkabetse says:

    I’m very grateful that eskom is doing so much to help fight poverty but I’m concern about people who are living at rural areas with no access to internet because they miss opportunities like this so what effort is eskom taking to ensure that information like this reach them.

  2. rebaona says:

    i am very happy that Eskom is trying so hard to help people out there,but why is it always about applying through online. Not all of us have access to the internet.


    I am very happy about what Eskom is trying to do and at the same time I have a complain because not all of us have access to the internet, please think for the ones who leaves in rural areas and ineed of this.

  4. olgar says:

    It’s good to have opportunities like this but the problem is for those who don’t have phones

  5. itumeleng says:

    Helo I’m. Very createful to see that Eskom is helping us to further our studies,actually my concern is that,Eskom always wants people who did maths and science ,so what about us the people who did maths and accounting?

  6. Zimaseka says:

    Hi I’m vry happy for each and evry 1 who hv this opportunity but I alway fill ashamed of my self coz eskom only need people who have maths and physic. Which is far from us who did commercial subjects e.g accounting so plz do us a favour we also need this opportunity thank you!

  7. Pumlisa Mkontwana says:

    I am very greatful to hear that Eskom is thinking about us and is creating opportunities like these. My wish is to be one of Eskom team and I’ve been trying to get a learnership in electrical engineering field I have passed my matric with maths & science and currently I’m doing my N2 (electrical trade) at FET college ,in hoping Eskom will find a space for me .thank you

  8. Kabelo goodwill mabuza says:

    I’ve applying with eskom online for years now,i don’t know I am not qualified rather not follow the right procedure because I never got any respond in any how to let me know if either I am not considered or why not,to know what I need to be considered & take it from there,at least for a learnership we missing opportunities of a life time.

  9. Kabelo goodwill mabuza says:

    I have been applying online for years now,please help if there is anything I am not doing because I am still applying as I am asking now

  10. mamolatodi says:

    M very happy jst wanna knw will it be possible for me to get the apprenticeships from eskom ,i have N6 now i just received the learnerships on electrical engineering please reply

  11. Cynthia says:

    I want to work for Eskom but unfortunately I never did Maths and Physics in school, so I can’t get a job.

  12. ntombizakhe says:

    I am very happy for what eskom trying to the same time im very feel ashame for those who doesn’t have acess in internet more especial in rural areas they need these opportunities bt they didn’t knw what to do myb if eskom can visit schools in rural areas and talk to students about these learnership that will make a big difference

  13. I’m very happy that eskom is giving us this opportunity,but the problem is that why they do not giving us specific dates for application date but instead they just said we must keep on checking between november and december?

  14. Yes you can work for eskom even if you do nto have math and science. What you need to do is to study electical engineering at the college N1 N2 and N3 that’s the powerfull requirement at eskom. I’m talking from an experience, i dont have matric math a nd science but i have N3 electrical engineering

  15. rofhiwa mulibana says:

    I realy thanks for the oppotunity but I feel sorry for the people who don’t have access for the internet, it will be good advantage for evrey one if you put this in a news paper.

  16. nthuseni says:

    I’ve been trying to apply online for eskom learnership in electrical engineering but I don’t knwo where to apply on their home page. Since we all not connected to the internet I was hopping if maybe you could provide us with an E-mail to wich we could forward to insted of online application.

  17. thabisile buthelezi says:

    I’m not very happy about what eskom is doing,they will tell this and do the opposite of what they say the company is doing for community

  18. Evah says:

    Thnx very much for eskom 4 opportunity they give us but we have challenges of physics

  19. Letlhogonolo says:

    yeah! Indeed Eskom is fighting poverty. Children out there have dreams, not only dreams but huge dreams. They don’t know where to start searching for their dreams but I hope the programme will do good. We do need engineer in South Africa and if Eskom take the step to help our engineer, we will Live a better life!

  20. Siboniso wonderboy mhlongo says:

    Am looking for a learnership or job , i think that eskom offiring us poor people with good work , electricty in south Africa anyway tanx alot eskom

  21. kwazi uegene says:

    Since I was in high school I was doing physical science and mathematics in grade 10 and 11 and our principle decide other learners change one subject in matric because our previous matric drop the percentage of passing so we change one subject I change math because I pass physical better then mathematics.So my matric have 6 subject.

  22. sydwell b ntshangase says:

    I am proud about my trade test (artisan welder).Now i have to further studies cause engineering mechanical is very broad and wild .So i need motivation to become draughtman and design.

  23. Bongane says:

    Eskom is doing great it gives ppl skills nd less poverty.Many u help more young .does u now abt this opportunitys help does who dnt have internet

  24. bobo admire rikhotso says:

    In Eskom they are doing their best to fight povary in our country. so what do u ?.mak a mov en giv it ur best short or try to b lik m ther are many young people out ther who are not abul to find this optunities cos of the lack of internet kep them up to date by leting them know that the are many optunity in life evin thoe they will say u think u know toomach jast ignoer them. bat the fact is u hav done ur job. so can u plz do that for our country’s benefit. ”

    bobo village boy lov u south africar”

  25. Thembakazi Ndzawumbi says:

    I have been trying to apply at eskom for so many times ,I got n6Electrical Engineering(heavy current) maybe am not folowing the right proceture ,hoping that u can help me to do it right this time

  26. Karabo Mokhethu says:

    I have Mechanical Technology, a 1year experience of being a fitter but i have Maths Literacy..can i still apply?

  27. Don Motsoahae says:

    I have n2 electrical engineering and have a code c1 drivers license and looking to work for eskom how do I go about applying for a vacant if any available

  28. khutso says:

    Great job 2 eskom giving opportunity to the youth gaining skills and study at the same time.
    My complain is there are others without matric but manage to have N3 for them self.
    what must they do or what eskom does to be consider.
    let’s help those who help them self.

  29. Elizabeth chepape says:

    Hi i am very happy about about eskom for giving us opportunity, but my problem is i have n3 electrical engineering(heavy current) and code 10 drivers licence, when i apply they say to me they want trade test, am i not qualified to work at eskom without trade test? I just want to know. Thank u very much.

  30. kgotlaetsile Mokabeng says:

    Thanks a lot Eskom for the contributions to reduce unemployment rate. My question is that: what about the people who join skills programs for couple of years to learn about electricity, but that person he/she never done Maths and science at high school level?

  31. shirlex magane says:

    How come Eskom calls 80 candidates to come to write an assesment test while they wana recruite 12 candidates? I’m realy not happy about this becouse it let us loose hope emidietly after writing. I dnt knw if they realy wana recruite or they want people gain experience in their tests so that they’ll know what they expect when they’ll be applying for the 2nd or 3rd time in their company. They should eatlist call 20 candidates n select 12 out of that number, not 80. That’s being unfair.

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