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Anglo American Learnerships 2020 -2021 Online Application Forms


About Anglo American Learnerships

Anglo American is one of the largest mining companies in the world, focusing on platinum group metals, nickel, diamonds, copper, metallurgical and thermal coal, and iron ore. The Anglo American Learnerships program provides gifted candidates with a great learning experience.

Anglo American South Africa has 76,000 permanent employees and 24,240 contractors making it the country’s largest private-sector employer. Anglo American-controlled companies account for approximately 15% of the value of businesses listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange).

Anglo American South Africa believes in South Africa’s future and to this end, it aims to make a lasting contribution to the development of South Africa and its people. This is done in the form of annual bursaries and the Anglo American Learnerships program.

Anglo American offers people from different communities various learnership opportunities in different regions of South Africa. These Learnership form part of the government?s National Skills Development Strategy to create skills to ease poverty and unemployment as well as Anglo American’s own policies.

Anglo American learnership is open to those with the necessary qualification required as per the posted requirements for the learnership. There are various Anglo American learnerships offered for matriculants and graduates in the different sections of Anglo American. These learnerships consist of both theoretical and practical training.

Below is one of the Anglo American learnership programs

The following learnership opportunity offered by Anglo American Thermal Coal (South Africa) and is available at the Landau Colliery in Mpumalanga.

Anglo American Thermal Coal Learnership

This is outcomes-based learning, and the learnership is based on a legally binding contract between the learner, the employer, and the service provider.

This learnership in engineering covers the following fields: Auto Electrician, Fitter (including machining), Diesel Mechanic and Rigger.

Minimum Learnership Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a South African citizen
  • Applicants must have a good knowledge of regulations and safety systems and standards.
  • The applicant must have a high regard for safety and have an excellent safety record
  • Applicants must possess N2/N3 technical qualification with relevant subjects, i.e.:
    • Auto Electrician (Science and Maths, Electro-technology/ Electrical Trade Theory or Industrial electronics)
    • Diesel Mechanic (Diesel Trade Theory, Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Science)
    • Fitter, including machining (Science, Maths, Fitting, Engineering Drawing & Machining Trade theory)
    • Rigger (Engineering Drawing, Maths, Rigger Trade Theory, Science)
  • The applicant must be in possession of a valid driver?s license (K53 provincial) without having endorsements
  • Applicants must be medically fit and be in possession of  a valid Certificate of Fitness
  • The applicant should have at least 1 year?s experience in the underground mining environment. This will be advantageous to him or her
  • Applicants should be someone who is able to handle pressure, is a self-starter, and must be innovative

Other Requirements

  • The applicant should be aware of the fact that they must be willing to work in shifts, and be on standby and do call-outs when required
  • If shortlisted for the learnership,  the applicant must be willing to go for a psychometric assessment

The learnership contract is a legally binding contract and any irregularity or violation of the terms of the agreement will be dealt with in accordance with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.


Anglo American Learnership Application Process

In order to apply for the Anglo American Thermal Coal Learnership, you must complete an application form

  • Applications are done online and can ONLY be done through the Anglo American job portal.
  • You can access the application by clicking on this link, which will take you to the Anglo American Job Portal
  • When applying for the learnership make sure that you specify the learnership post that you are applying for (e.g. Anglo American Thermal Coal Learnership: Kriel Colliery Ref )
  • Make sure that you sign the application form yourself
  • Attach certified copies of your certificates and Identity Document (these copies must have been certified within the last 3 months – you can get this done at any Police Station)

Please Note:

  • Application forms that are late or unsigned will not be accepted
  • Photocopied forms will not be accepted
  • Faxed or emailed forms will not be accepted
  • Applications that have not been responded to within 30 days of the closing date should be regarded as unsuccessful.  Only shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview

Remember that during your workplace training you will be responsible for your own accommodation, transport, and meal costs. It is therefore suggested that you apply for a learnership in the Region or Management Area closest to where you live.

Anglo American Learnership Information

Applications for various learnerships will open throughout the year. You can keep checking whether there are any learnerships open for applications by checking the Anglo American website.

Anglo American offers various other learnerships and opportunities in different regions throughout South Africa, at different times of the year, in which you may be interested.

You can find out more information from the Anglo American Website by checking the Anglo American Careers Portal. Scroll down the page and check any and all learnerships advertised there to find one that is suitable then click on the link and follow instructions to apply.

You can also sign up on this page to be notified of any upcoming learnership opportunities by signing up for the Careers Portal Newsletter.


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  5. i have N6 on Electrical
    Engineering and now m on a leanership
    programme i would like to know if its
    possible for me to get the Interships in
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  12. i have my N2 certificat and currently doing N3(Diesel Trade Theory and Eng Drawing), I am a young mechanically talented 21 year old, and would kill to work for Anglo America in the near future, but i will get my licence mid 2016.
    What should i do?
    please help me I am desperate.

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    If are there please notify me.thanks .

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    Fittting and Machining trade theory
    Engineering Drawing
    Engineering Sciences

    Am need an apreanticeship/leanership to be a qualified fitter and turner .

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  45. I have N1 up to N3 electrical engineering qualifications, drivers licence and am look for a training or internship

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