Frequently Asked Interview Questions & How To Answer Them – Part II

Welcome to the second installment of Frequently Asked Interview Questions and How To Answer Them. If you have not read Part I, please go back and review that article before moving on to this one. As you now know, it is extremely important to go into an interview prepared. Having an idea of what questions […] Read more »

Cover Letter 101: Here Are The Basics…

What is a cover letter? A cover letter is a letter of application and introduction, typically sent alongside a resume. It is essentially an applicant’s chance to explain why he or she is the best candidate for a job in a way that a resume cannot. It is a condensed summary of your resume or […] Read more »

It’s Never Too Early: Why You Should Apply For Learnerships in High School

Each year, an increasing amount of high school students realize that applying for and working a learnership before attending university is a great way to get ahead of the game. Nothing trumps real-world experience, and you’re never too young to start if the right opportunity presents itself. While it may be a bit more challenging […] Read more »

Why Are Learnerships So Important?

Why Are Learnerships So Important? Picture this: you have just graduated from university with a sky-high GPA, a long list of extra-curricular activities and honors, page after page of recommendations and accolades from esteemed professors and peers, and a cover letter that you are certain will blow away any prospective employer. But there is one […] Read more »

Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Go To A Career Fair

As you may have already learned, job-hunting as a student can be extremely challenging. How do you find out what learnerships are available? What companies should you apply to? How do you stand out above the rest of the applicants, when there are 100 others who are just as qualified as you? There are so […] Read more »

How To Stay On Your Boss’ Good Side

Your relationship with your boss can make your break your learnership. It’s simple. If you don’t work well together or lack a respectable camaraderie, you will have a hard time getting through the experience, and your work may ultimately suffer. If you stay on his or her good side, you will be able to get […] Read more »

The Art of Balancing Work And School

There is no denying that going to school while working is challenging. To improve your career opportunities in the future, you’ve got to complete your higher education. But you must also gain professional experience to reach said opportunities. How do you do both? How do you dedicate the appropriate amount of time and attention to […] Read more »

Setting Goals: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Learnership

Goal-setting is important in all aspects of life, and it’s no doubt something that you’re privy to. Everyone has goals, whether they have to do with school, athletics , personal development or improvement, dream jobs, family, finances, you name it. Goals can and should be applied to pretty much everything in life because they motivate […] Read more »

What Learnership Goes Well With My Major? Part I

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Unsure of what path to take or learnership to apply to? That is NORMAL! Very few people know what they want to do professionally from the start and actually stick with it long-term. This is something we are looking to change. Whether you are trying to determine what you want to study […] Read more »