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Why Every Application Should Come with a Reference Letter

A reference letter is a document typically written by a former employer, a co-worker (or someone who has worked with the applicant in a professional setting), an academic advisor or professor. The letter is written to communicate their experience with and assessment of the applicant’s skills and qualifications, and why they would be a great… Read More »

The Big 4: Prioritizing Your Work During Your Learnership

Prioritizing your work as a learner can be a bit unnerving because you are new to the turf, you want to impress and you don’t want to make any mistakes that could jeopardize your managers’ opinion of you. After all, this could be a future place of full-time employment. The game of prioritization can get… Read More »

Myths About Freshman Year – Part I

Freshman Year University is a far cry from what most first-year students imagine. Before starting, their minds are often filled with stories and “facts” that are simply not true, thus creating this mindset that may set them up for failure if they live by what they were told. In that, we decided to compile a… Read More »

25 Quick Tips For A Successful Learnership

Successful Learnership Learnerships play an extremely important role in launching a professional career. Not only are they a preparatory tool, but they are also a means for networking. The job market is wildly competitive these days, making learnerships a necessity for any student hoping for employment after university. There is so much that goes into… Read More »

LinkedIn Profile Tips For Every Job Seeker

LinkedIn is an underutilized social platform that is first and foremost, a way to establish and maintain your professional network. You create a profile that basically serves as a publicized version of your resume, you connect with other professionals by adding one another as friends, and if you’re lucky, you stumble across opportunities to advance… Read More »

Cover Letter 101: Here Are The Basics…

What is a cover letter? A cover letter is a letter of application and introduction, typically sent alongside a resume. It is essentially an applicant’s chance to explain why he or she is the best candidate for a job in a way that a resume cannot. It is a condensed summary of your resume or… Read More »

Why Are Learnerships So Important?

Why Are Learnerships So Important? Picture this: you have just graduated from university with a sky-high GPA, a long list of extra-curricular activities and honors, page after page of recommendations and accolades from esteemed professors and peers, and a cover letter that you are certain will blow away any prospective employer. But there is one… Read More »