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Fashion Design Learnerships in South Africa

Do you love clothing, shoes and all accessories? If fashion is the industry that attracts you most, the fields and companies mentioned here may be what you need. Fashion design learnerships do not only imply the drawing or designing of fashion trends. It includes a whole range of careers in the fashion world. Fashion is… Read More »

Financial Management Learnerships

Financial Management Learnerships If you are good with numbers, love mathematics, accounting, statistics, economy, numbers and all fields related to these, financial management may be the career path for you. Companies offering Financial Management learnerships in this field seek applicants who are gifted in mathematics and numeracy. Financial management is exactly what it says, the… Read More »

Paramedic Learnerships

Paramedics are part of the healthcare industry. Paramedics mainly work in an outdoor environment as part of the emergency medical service crew that is sent out with an ambulance. They mostly deal with home emergencies, road accidents and other accidents or circumstances that require emergency medical attention. This is usually when people cannot get to… Read More »

Pharmacy Learnerships

Pharmacy Learnerships work requires dedication as it is the part of science that deals with the collection, preparation, as well as the regulation of drugs. Pharmacists are in control of storing and providing the right dose of medicine to patients as prescribed by a doctor. They also give patients dosage instructions for both over the… Read More »

Rigging Learnerships

Rigging is a profession that moves and secures equipment, heavy loads and more. It combines pulling, lifting, transporting and moving by using machines, pulleys, chains, hoists, flatbeds, jacks, cranes and other equipment. They are used in numerous industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, oil, ship and plain building, gas, telecommunications, power plants and basically any business… Read More »

Welding Learnerships

Welding is the method used to combine or join metals to each other so they become one. Welding is a popular career field and also one of the most needed fields in today’s life. There is a variety of welding forms, techniques, and welding processes. Not all welding is done on construction and mines or… Read More »

Radio Broadcasting Learnerships

Radio, television, internet, magazines, and newspapers all have one thing in common, they provide ways for people to communicate and learn about events and changes throughout the world. With all the technological advancements of this age. Radio broadcasting is a great way of transmitting information and a few companies offer mentorships and radio broadcasting learnerships.… Read More »

Prison Warder Learnerships

Prison warders or otherwise known as correctional service officers mainly work in prisons and jails throughout South Africa. Their main work objectives are to guard, oversee and manage the people who are in prison, known as inmates. Prison warders will also arrange, secure and provide facilities to these inmates. They ensure all receive equal treatment,… Read More »

Psychology Learnerships

Psychology Learnerships mainly focus on the study of the human mind and behavior. This includes all activities of the unconscious and conscious state. There are different psychologists.  They can focus their studies on behavioral psychology, social psychology, scientific- or cognitive psychology. This field studies a variety of notations such as emotion, brain function, personality, perception, intelligence,… Read More »

Journalism Learnerships

Journalism is not merely about writing an article or about an event. It includes many career fields that are applicable to the news and media industries. Every day we see, read and hear about local and global events, fashion changes, music, movies and more through journalism. If something is changing, happening or developing you will… Read More »