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Myths about Freshman Year – Part II

First year university students often head to school with myths floating around in their brains about what college life will be like. Whether they heard them from friends and family, or took what they saw on TV to heart… it’s pretty typical to expect one thing and experience another. Rather than entering university loaded up… Read More »

What is the National Skills Development Strategy?

The NSDSP: National Skills Department Strategy Program The national skills development strategy program includes a variety of companies, industries, institutions, and agencies throughout South Africa. These offer career fields such as administration, trades, nursing, finance and more. This program was developed to introduce more skilled workers to all scarce fields. Some of the institutes or… Read More »

Learnerships for Foreigners (Non-South Africans)

Some of the companies throughout South Africa offer learnerships for foreigners. Learnership fields include careers in the gambling industry, construction, sales, administration and many others. These learnership programs seek talented individuals who meet all the requirements and want to gain hands-on knowledge in their field such opportunities. These learnership opportunities for foreigners also require that… Read More »

Radiography Learnerships

Radiography Learnerships If you enjoy anatomy, imaging techniques, working with the sick, technology and finding solutions to problems this field may be great. Companies offering Radiography learnerships look for talented people who have the right qualifications to be taught more intently in their career path. Radiography uses technologically advanced machines to find problems present on… Read More »

Sappi Learnerships

Trees, paper, pulp, forests, timber and related fields are what this company is all about. They have SAPPI learnerships fields available in procurement, forestry, chemicals, analytics, finance and more. They have clients in more than 160 countries around the world and just over 12 800 employees. Sappi opened their doors in 1936 and has established… Read More »

SAPREF Learnerships

SAPREF seeks talented individuals to be trained through SAPREF learnerships in a variety of scarce career fields such as engineering, artisans and more. This company is a combined venture of BP Southern Africa and Shell SA. During the 1960’s they took hands and started building the SAPREF refinery. In 1963 the company employed their first… Read More »

SAQA Learnerships

This agency invites gifted learners to apply for a range of different fields made available with their SAQA learnerships program. These fields range from security officers, plumbers, child care workers to the mining and construction industries. Each field offered will have stipulations that must be met to be eligible to apply. Duration of the learnerships… Read More »

SARS Learnerships

If numbers, accounting, and finance give you pleasure then working at SARS may be a great place to start your career. SARS stands for South African Revenue Services and is a division of the Government. SARS learnerships are offered for accounting, economics, law and more. Not only are they responsible for collecting different taxes but also have… Read More »