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City of Ekurhuleni Learnership Paid Internship Closing 31 July 2020

Currently the city of Ekurhuleni is offering 30 Learnerships in various fields. The Ekurhuleni Learnership is a paid internship where you will receive a stipend for your work. In order to apply, you will need to be a citizen of Ekurhuleni city.

About the Ekurhuleni Learnerships

The City of Eurhuleni offers 30 paid Internships to its residents. The position is for full time. After you completed your Internship, permanent employment is not a guarantee. Every Internship has its own minimum requirements so make sure to check the right advert to see if you are eligible to apply.

The main criteria to apply for these learnerships are:

  • You are a resident of the city of Ekurhuleni
  • You must not have participated in a similar program before
  • You are not older then 35 years of age
  • You are a South African Citizen
  • You are currently unemployed
  • They especially encourage people with disabilities to apply.

What Learnerships are available?

Currently they have 30 Learnerships available in the following fields:

  • Economic Department: Administration division
  • Economic Department: Civil Division
  • Economic Department: Computer Science and IT Division
  • Economic Department: Electrical Engineering Studies division
  • Economic Department: Graphic Design and Journalism
  • Economic Department: Sales and marketing Management
  • Economic Department: HR Management and Management Assistant
  • Environmental Resource Management: Agriculture and Environmental studies
  • Roads and Stormwater: Build Environment
  • Communications and Brand Management: Communications and Marketing
  • Human resources: Economic Studies
  • Roads and Stormwater: Engineering Studies
  • Finance: Finance and Accounting
  • Health and Social Development: Health Sciences
  • Human resources: Human Resources
  • Information Communications Technology: ICT
  • Corporate Legal: Legal Studies
  • Human Resources: Management and Administration Studies
  • Urban Management: Property Evaluations
  • Health and Social Development: Social Studies
  • City Planning: Town and Regional Planning
  • Transport: Transport and Licensing Studies
  • Finance: Accounting Studies
  • Roads and Stormwater: Engineering Studies
  • Corporate Legal: Law/Legal studies
  • Human Resources: Psychology and Social Studies
  • Roads and Stormwater: Construction Roadworks
  • Human Resources: Education and Training
  • Human resources: Public Administration
  • Economic Development: Various Fields

How To Apply For These Learnerships?

If you see a position to your liking you can apply for it online at the City of Ekurhuleni Government portal. Here you will find all 30 Learnerships/Internships. In order to apply, you will need to register an account. After that, you can apply for the position in your job portal.

What is the Closing Date?

The deadline for these Learnships is at 31 July.

Make sure to apply on time because late applications will not be considered.


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